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Movie Maker 2
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Movie Maker is a great video editor, and if you are running Windows XP, you should definitely download and install version 2.0. Here are some helpful articles on using Movie Maker 2, and a few hints that aren't covered by Microsoft. If you find these articles useful, check out our Movie Maker online video training course.

Chapter 1: Getting Started

  1. Review of Movie Maker 2.0
    An in depth review of Microsoft's free video editor. While we generally liked the program, it does have a couple of small problems.
  2. Learning the program
    What's the best way to get started ... and, if you are on a deadline, how to learn the program fast!

Chapter 2: Capturing video in MovieMaker

  1. Capturing video in Moviemaker 2
    There are only two main formats, but which one should you use?
  2. Improving capture performance
    Most systems running Windows XP can handle video capture, but here's how you can really improve your performance.
  3. The correct way to save your projects
    If you ever want to backup or re-edit your video in the future, you better organize properly!

Chapter 3: Editing Video in Movie Maker 2

  1. Editing clips
    The dangers of "junk video" and the three ways to remove unwanted video from your home movie.
  2. Trimming clips
    This screen-capture video shows you how to trim the ends off your video clips to get precise control of your clip timing.
  3. Video effects
    Which video effects are actually useful, and how to apply them to your clips.
  4. Transitions
    How to make your transitions more effective, and some novel transition ideas.

Chapter 4: Sound

  1. Add background music
    How to add a music track to your movie, and some song suggestions.
  2. Record a Voice Track
    Record a voice narration and some of the microphone problems you might run into
  3. The multiple audio track problem
    Here are some workarounds for using BOTH background music and narration in the same movie.
  4. Changing volume clip-by-clip
    This screen-capture video shows you how to fine-tune your movie volume -- very useful if your background music is drowning out small sections of your video.

Chapter 5: Photos

  1. Take pictures
    How to take "video snapshots" from your video clips, and a couple of uses for these photographs.
  2. Make a Slideshow
    Take photos from a digital camera and turn them into a "video slideshow"
  3. Advanced title tricks
    Make your titles look better with these tricks -- use background images, title slides, and looping video backgrounds.

Chapter 6: Exporting your Movie

  1. Saving to computer
    Which format should you use when saving to your computer? ... it depends upon what you want to do with your movie.
  2. Back-up your video to CD-R
    Why you should avoid Movie Maker's built-in CD wizard.
  3. Create your own DVD
    Here are the steps involved in creating your own DVD ... it's not too hard if you use the right software.

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    Analogue camcorders are getting cheaper, so should you spring for digital?
  2. Camcorder features to look for
    What are the important features ... and what's just "window dressing?"
  3. Burn your own VCDs
    A cheap alternative to burning DVDs ... but is it for you?
  4. Make your own Kung-Fu Movie!
    Use these 13 special effects to film your own karate movie in your backyard! Movie Maker 2.0 can do most of these special effects (except the reverse-motion effects) Enjoy!

Other resources

  1. Movie Maker 2 links
    A large collection of useful links to other online resources, tutorials, and forums.