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Interested in becoming a reseller?

(for website owners only)

Interested in becoming a reseller of our great PowerPoint videos? Now that we’ve partnered with ClickBank, you can earn a large commision with each sale.

Here’s the Deal:
Everytime you send a person to MightyCoach and they buy the PowerPoint training course, you’ll earn 55% of the profit. Here’s how the pricing breaks down …

Selling Price: $25
Profit after ClickBank’s processing fee: $22.12

We get: $9.96
You get: get $12.16

As you can see, this is a great deal as we split the profits 55/45. In fact, you’ll actually earn even more money per sale than we do, as we have to pay the bandwidth for all those videos (average of 300megs per customer) and provide email support.

Why are we offering you such a great partnership?
MightyCoach is a small company, without the advertizing budget of big corporations. We’re educators and designers … definitely not “internet marketing gurus.” So we need your help in sending potential customers to our products. This isn’t necessarily an easy task, so we feel you should earn the majority of the profits from each sale.

How to get started?
To sign up, you must first be a ClickBank affiliate member. Simply go to ClickBank.com and register as an “affiliate reseller.” After that you can create links to this site address:


Be sure to replace "yournickname" with the nickname you signed up with. When a customer clicks on this link, they’ll forward to the MightyCoach website. If the visitor makes a purchase during the next 90 days, you’ll be credited $12.16. You then receive a check in the mail at whatever freqeuency you specify with ClickBank.