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Home-made video effects:
How to make fake blood

Last updated 5-19-03

You can do some funny effects with fake blood, but I recommend using it sparingly, because this recipe makes some really sticky blood… and you don’t want your kids covered in the stuff.

I generally make my fake blood from three ingredients …

  1. Corn syrup … you can find this clear syrup at the grocery store in the syrup section. Look for the Karo brand.
  2. Food coloring … Use mainly red, and you might want to add a little blue or purple to make the blood look darker.
  3. Milk … A little milk will make the blood look more opaque (you can’t see through it).

When mixing your blood together, go for a dark color … blood is actually quite dark and viscous, and if your blood is too light or transparent, it’s not going to show up on film.

I rarely use blood, because it’s so messy and rarely needed. One effect that does look good, however, is to film a close-up shot of your kids face, and have him dribble blood out of his mouth. Send your kid for a shower and change of clothes immediately afterwards … because they'll be sticky!

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