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Here is a complete list of every video in this course. If you cannot view the videos, you may need to download the latest (free) quicktime player from quicktime.com. If that doesn't work, e-mail us!


Chapter 1: Introduction to Digital Video

  1. Introduction (2:14 minutes 1.60 meg file)
    A short introduction to MM2 and what the program can do.
  2. The interface (2:35 minutes 1.99 meg file)
    Description of how the program is layed out.
  3. Viewing collections (3:39 minutes 2.68 meg file)
    How to view your different movie collections.
  4. Saving (6:35 minutes 5.02 meg file)
    The best way to save your MM2 project, and pitfalls to avoid.

Chapter 2: Capturing Video

  1. Video formats (6:22 minutes 4.48 meg file)
    The two formats you can capture to, and how to choose between them.
  2. Capturing video (5:51 minutes 5.41 meg file)
    How to capture video from your digital camcorder.
  3. Improving capture performance (4:00 minutes 2.83 meg file)
    Increase your capture performance by tweaking your system.
  4. Importing files (4:47 minutes 4.30 meg file)
    Learn to import picture and video files into your project.
  5. Organizing (2:27 minutes 1.90 meg file)
    How to organize your clips into different collections.

Chapter 3: Working with clips

  1. Adding clips (6:02 minutes 5.38 meg file)
    How to add clips to the storyboard and cut them in half.
  2. Trimming clips (4:16 minutes 3.46 meg file)
    How to trim the beginnings and endings of video clips.
  3. Video effects (5:39 minutes 4.71 meg file)
    How to add video special effects to your video clips.
  4. Transitions (2:59 minutes 2.53 meg file)
    Place attractive transitions between your video clips.

Chapter 4: Adding Titles

  1. Basic intro-title (5:33 minutes 4.40 meg file)
    How to create a basic introductory starting title for your movie.
  2. Advanced intro-title(5:11 minutes 4.34 meg file)
    Create more advanced intro titles using a title overlay.
  3. Subtitles (6:35 minutes 5.51 meg file)
    Make subtitle labels throughout your movie.
  4. End credits (4:29 minutes 3.73 meg file)
    Make a standard scrolling end-credits at the end of your movie.
  5. Blooper-reel credits (3:41 minutes 3.41 meg file)
    Create end-credits that also contain video.

Chapter 5: Sound

  1. Music (5:41 minutes 4.48 meg file)
    Import a song and add music to your video.
  2. Voice track (5:13 minutes 4.64 meg file)
    How to narrate a voice-over track onto your movie.
  3. Fine-tune volume levels (4:14 minutes 3.26 meg file)
    Change the volume level clip-by-clip.
  4. Sound effects (3:47 minutes 3.38 meg file)
    How to add short sound effects onto your timeline.
  5. Music AND voice (5:07 minutes 3.66 meg file)
    The work-around for using both music and voicetrack at the same time.

Chapter 6: Photos

  1. Take snapshots (3:32 minutes 2.84 meg file)
    How to take photo shapshots from your video that you can save and email.
  2. Picture slideshow (5:50 minutes 5.00 meg file)
    Import a batch of pictures, and create a "video slideshow."
  3. Slideshow options (4:43 minutes 3.53 meg file)
    Change the volume level clip-by-clip.

Chapter 7: Exporting final movie

  1. Saving movie to computer (7:45 minutes 6.09 meg file)
    How to save your final movie to your computer, and which format to use.
  2. Save your movie on a CD (6:49 minutes 5.19 meg file)
    The best way to save your movie to CD (not the built in method)
  3. E-mailing a movie (6:13 minutes 4.81 meg file)
    The quality is not great, but here is how you do it.
  4. Exporting to camcorder (3:00 minutes 2.14 meg file)
    A great way to backup your movie and show it on a TV
  5. Backup a finished project (2:04 minutes 1.82 meg file)
    Proper way to archive your project for the future.

Bonus Chapter: Using Sonic MyDVD

  1. Intro to Sonic MyDVD (1:58 minutes 1.34 meg file)
    About Sonic DVD and how you can use it with MovieMaker 2
  2. What is a VCD? (2:04 minutes 2.49 meg file)
    Description of the video cd format, and why you might want to use it.
  3. Create and burn a VCD (6:43 minutes 5.28 meg file)
    How to make a video cd that will play in your DVD player
  4. About making DVDs (3:14 minutes 2.13 meg file)
    Important information about DVDs, formats, and compatibility.
  5. Create and burn a DVD (6:35 minutes 5.10 meg file)
    How to burn a DVD with menu, that will play on most DVD players.