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HTML Tricks!

Last updated 6-16-03

Here is a collection of common html tricks ... disable mouse buttons, make link rollovers, create automatic bookmark links, etc. These techniques are commonly used online, but are difficult to find when you need them.

Linking tricks!

  1. Get Rid of the Link-Underline
    Here's hot to get rid of the underline under all your text-links!
  2. Link color-change
    Make all your links change color on mouseover!
  3. Status-Bar SwitchaRoo!
    Make a custom message appear in your status bar on link-rollover.
  4. Customizing your "mail-to" links!
    Pre-insert a subject-line and body-copy into your contact links!

Tricks with Text

  1. Special Characters
    Here's the code for all those "special" characters ... like the copyright ©, trademark , and registered ® symbols.
  2. How to "Hi-Light" text
    It's a silly effect ... but kinda cool!

BookMark tricks

  1. Creating a bookmark link
    Make a link that brings up the add-bookmark form.

Form tricks

  1. Colored Form elements
    Change the background color of your form elements
  2. Using an image as a "Submit-button"
    Customize your forms by nixing the"ugly gray button".


  1. Disable the Right Mouse-button
    This annoying script lets you disable your visitor's mouse ... making it harder to steal your content.
  2. Customize your "404 - page not found"
    Don't lose your visitors to broken links!
  3. Image bullets
    Spruce up your bulleted-lists by turning the "black dot" into a color image. This is great for making your list look congruent with your site's design scheme.