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“Make your own Kung-fu movies in your backyard”

Using only your camcorder and a few cheap props, you can film your own fighting movie in your own backyard. Use these 13 homemade special effects with caution ... we take no responsibility if your children become maimed, bruised, or otherwise roughed up!

Video Special Effects

Weapon Effects

  1. Knife Throw
    How to create a realistic knife throw to the head
  2. Blocked Knife Throw
    Block a thrown knife with a piece of wood.
  3. Jab to the face/groin
    Create a realistic staff or stick blow to the head.
  4. Stab through the gut
    Run a sword through your opponent’s stomach.
  5. Last minute block
    Your fallen hero will stop a deadly spear, inches from his face!

Body Fluids

  1. Viper Spit
    Deadly, blinding viper-spit from a garden hose.
  2. Fake Blood
    The recipe for home-made fake blood.

Flying Body Effects

  1. Jedi force move
    Using mind power to make weapons and objects “fly” into your hands.
  2. Fake Body
    Create a simple stuffed body that can be thrown, pummeled, and crushed
  3. Mid-air clash
    A mid-air clash of swords from enraged, flying combatants.
  4. Wall running
    Matrix-like effect where your kid run horizontal along a wall.


  1. Never-ending Backyard
    How to make your small background seem larger.
  2. Vanishing Trick
    Make your fighters magically appear and disappear.


Kung-Fu Sound Effects

Woosh noises
The sound weapons (and fists) make as they move through the air. It's best to alternate and vary these often.

Body hit noises
Punches, hits, and slaps to the face.

Weapon sounds
Swords, whips, and arrows.

Misc. Kung-fu noises