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Copying and pasting into PowerPoint
The following article is a transcript from a our video product, "Intro to Powerpoint XP."

It’s really easy to copy and paste text from other programs into PowerPoint. For example, you may have written a paper in Microsoft Word and you want to bring this information into PowerPoint. Sometimes it’s easier to write in Word, especially when writing long presentations.

To copy the text in Word, simply hi-light the text with your mouse. Then, go up to the menu-bar and click [Edit – Copy]. This copies the hi-lighted text into a virtual clipboard residing on your computer. You can then paste the text from this clipboard into any program on your computer.

Go back to your PowerPoint presentation and click on a text box. When you see a blinking cursor inside the box, you know it’s ready for your text. Go up to the menu-bar and click [Edit – Paste]. The copied text will appear in your text box! Rapture!

You’re not just limited to Microsoft Word -- you can copy text off web-pages, too. Simply hi-light the webpage’s text and copy as before.

Copying and pasting is a basic computer task, and you’ll use it all the time (not just with PowerPoint). So you might want to remember these keyboard shortcuts: [Control+C] for copy, and [Control+V] for paste.

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