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Viewing your Powerpoint show
The following article is a transcript from a our video product, "Intro to Powerpoint XP."

So you’ve created your first powerpoint presentation. You’ve chosen an attractive template, good font colors, and you’ve even added some photos. Now, how do you show your presentation to other people?

If you’re presenting to only a handful of people, you could always show your presentation directly off your computer/laptop’s monitor, itself. Simply preview your show by hitting [F5] and give your presentation, navigating slide-to-slide by clicking left and right arrow keys.

Viewing on a projector
If you have access to a projector, you can output your show from your laptop to the projector. Most laptops have an external port for hooking up an external monitor (or projector). The projector will have a monitor cable that will plug directly into this port.

After the monitor/projector is plugged in, you need to tell your computer to send its video output to the external projector. Every laptop manufacturer has a different method for turning on the external monitor, so you’ll have to read the manual or figure it out from the symbols drawn on your keyboard. On my Sony Vaio, I type [Fn +F7] to toggle between my LCD screen and the external monitor.

Once your video is outputting to the external monitor and you can see your computer’s desktop on the big screen, you can start your presentation by going to [Slideshow – View Show] or by typing [F5]. Your presentation will run full screen.

When you’re done, hit [escape] to end the presentation, and then you can toggle the external monitor back off.

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