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25 free help articles and tutorials on
PowerPoint 2002 (XP)

The following mini-tutorials are designed to help you learn PowerPoint XP as quickly and painlessly as possible. The content for these articles comes directly from our online-video product "Intro to Powerpoint XP."

If you are a visual learner, you will find the video-course much more useful ... as you'll actually watch as each lesson is performed on screen.

Why should you use PowerPoint 2002?
What's new in 2002?
Find out the new features in this latest version of PowerPoint.

The interface
Let's take a look at the general layout of the program.

Using a template
Probably the best way to begin when making your first presentation.

Saving your show
How to save your show, and things to watch out for.

Making Slides
How to make new slides and navigate between them.
Outline View
How to create slides and add text from the "Outline View" tab

Slide Properties
Customize individual slide's style, layout, and background color.

Rearranging Slides
Change your slide order ... the old way and the new.

Entering Text
How to enter text, move text, and modify the text box's shape.
Font Properties
How to change your fonts size, color ... and add effects like shadows.

Copy and Paste
Copy text from Word or a webpage, and paste it into your show.

Paragraph Formatting
Basic paragraph alignment, and turning on/off bullets.

How to add bullets, and create "sub-bullets" by promoting and demoting.

How to check for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Adding Notes
Make personal lecture notes that your audience can't see.

Image Basics
The different image formats and where you can find pictures online.
Inserting Pictures
How to insert a picture onto a slide
Inserting Clip-art Images
Running the clip-art manager and inserting pre-installed clip art.
Format Properties
Change a photo's size, brightness/contrast, and rotating
Label your photos and diagrams with simple overlay text
Images and File Size
Images can bloat your powerpoint file and make it "unsharable"'

Viewing your show
How to preview your presentation and export it to an external monitor/projector

Show options and "doodling"
The different show options and using the pen tool to write on slides

Printing handouts, notes, and outlines.